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Preparing Your Quilt

Quilt preparation

Quilt tops should be free of embellishments such as buttons charms, pins etc.

Quilt tops & bottoms should be square with all loose threads removed, as they may show through the lighter colours of your quilt.

Quilt tops & bottoms should also be pressed with all seams ironed flat & facing in the desired direction.

Please indicate if your quilt top or backing have a special direction.

Both backing & batting must be 3 – 4 inches wider (0n each side) than the quilt top. It is also very important that the backing & batting be trimmed square.

Machine quilting uses tiny back stitches to “tie-off”, so if your top thread choice contrasts with your backing & bottom thread, both the stitching & tie offs will be noticeable.



It is very important that you take care when applying borders to your quilt. If they aren’t applied properly you may end up with a border that is stretched, wavy, wrinkled or have tucks.

For the best results, before applying borders there are two methods most people apply:

  • Measure top, middle & bottom of the quilt top & divide that number by three. That is the length to cut the borders. Once the first two borders are attached turn the quilt & re-measure for the final two borders. Or :
  • Measure across the centre of the quilt two or three times & then average these measurements, then repeat for remaining borders.

When attaching these borders - find the centre of the quilt & border by folding each in half, then pin or crease this point. Match up middle points, then pin from the middle to the outer edges easing the quilt in if they do not match up. Try not to stretch the border, as this may cause puckers and waviness.

Once borders are attached, sew a ¼ inch “stay stitching” around the edge of the quilt top. This helps to prevent seams from splitting, or edges stretching when attached to the machine.

Proper preparation will ensure the best results & save extra charges.


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